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The Phillips PUR Air Purger is a simple, robust, high-capacity device for removing non-condensables in a refrigeration system. The PDF links to the left will open the Engineering Bulletin (Spec Sheet) and the Service Bulletin. These bulletins describe in detail the components, operating principle, installation, operation and maintenance of the PUR air purger.
Advantages of the Phillips PUR air purger:
* Very simple with no complicated adjustments
* No service-demanding regulation devices
* Air separation at the highest pressure and lowest temperature results in lowest possible refrigerant content in the purged air stream
* Increasing purging capacity with increasing differential pressure in refrigeration system means highest capacity at systems with lowest suction pressures - exactly where it is needed
* Complete vessel and piping in stainless steel
* Standard controller with connection for up to 3 points
* Optional controllers available for up to 10 or 30 purge points
* Can be ordered with or without factor insulation and with or without bubbler   
* Liquid supply can be from pumped LP liquid, gravity fed LP liquid or high pressure liquid
* Easy installation - can be placed anywhere in relation to condensers, HP receiver, etc.
* Due to it's very high capacity the Phillips PUR purger will handle any size of refrigeration system so only one is needed
* Volume of purged air is know and can be calculated from curves on Bulletin PUR
* The standard controller counts the time the air vent has been opened

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