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3000N Series

The Phillips Series 3000N automatic 3-way valves are constructed with two pistons and three ports. The high pressure port is marked HP, and is the inlet for the pressurizing gas. The low pressure port is marked LP, and is the vent port. The third port is common to the high pressure and low pressure ports and connects to the dump trap for pressurizing and venting.

The Phillips Series 3000N valves are used in conjunction with Liquid Transfer and Liquid Recirculating Systems. In general, the Liquid Transfer System is for compressor protection, transferring slopover from a suction accumulator to the high pressure receiver or to another pressure vessel.

The Liquid Recirculating System accomplishes evaporator high efficiency by recirculating liquid without the use of liquid pumps. These systems are applicable to both high and low stage applications, for ammonia and halocarbons.

3000N Valve Series includes 3000N and 3000AN


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