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600J Series

The 600 series flanged, in-line disc-type check valves are spring closing with a light spring. They may be installed in vertical or horizontal runs. Bodies up through 2″ are steel; 3″ and 4″ bodies are cast semi-steel. There is a removable back plate which allows the valve to be disassembled for maintenance.

The 600D has a metal to metal seat. The 60OD2 and 60OD3 check valves incorporate the Durabla check valve unit. Series 600D and, “S,” suffix valves are spring loaded to close requiring about 2 psi pressure drop to open.

The series 600J and 600K valves are teflon seated valves. When ordered without the, “S,” suffix they are supplied with a light spring, making them suitable for gravity drain lines.

600J Valve Series includes 600JR, 600J, 600AJ, 600BJ and 600DJ


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