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Motorized Valves

ICM motor operated valves belong to the ICV family and are one of two product groups.

ICV types
– ICS – Pilot operated servo valve
– ICM – Motor operated valve

The motor operated valve comprises four main components: Valve body, top cover, function module and Actuator. On ICM 20-65 the top cover and function module will be combined. ICM are motor operated valves driven by actuator type ICAD.

ICM valves are designed to regulate an expansion process in liquid lines with or without phase change or control pressure or temperature in dry and wet suction lines and hot gas lines. ICM valves are designed so that the opening and closing forces are balanced, therefore, only two sizes of ICAD actuators are needed for the complete range of ICM from DN 20 to DN 150. The ICM motor operated valve and ICAD actuator assembly offers a very compact unit with small dimensions.


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