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Level Eyes

The Level Eye is a reliable, industrial type sight glass. The unique reflex lens indicates the true level of liquid present without requiring a second lens. The lens appears dark in the presence of liquid and clear when liquid is not present.

The standard 1-1/2” length frost shield allows clear vision with refrigerant temperatures down to -20°F. The longer 2-1/2” frost shield is suggested for refrigerant temperatures below -20°F.

Level Eyes are available with clear or reflex lenses, with square or saddle milled ends, in carbon steel and stainless steel, in both welded and threaded housings.

Gasket recommendations: Standard Neoprene gasket (1103) is compatible with most common refrigerants. Buna-N gasket (1103B) is recommended for use with Propane (R-290) and CO2 (R-744). Teflon gasket (1103T) is recommended for use in high pressure applications and also with R-22.

Phillips offers a Level Eye Tool for installing the retainer to the correct torque. Also offered for sale or lease are taps for cleaning damaged housing threads.


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