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Building on our history of providing innovative products to the industrial refrigeration industry, Phillips proudly introduces the Anhydrator system cleaner.  This passive device draws contaminated liquid refrigerant from the coldest part of your sytem and returns pure ammonia, isolating the water and other condensible impurities and keeping them out of your system.  By isolating and removing these impurities, your plant's energy consumption is decreased by increasing the system efficiency.

Every time your purger cycles, you are rejecting noncondensible gases that have made their way into your system.  However, you are leaving behind the condensible impurities (mainly moisture) that entered your system along with the noncondensibles.  Whereas the noncondensibles reduce your condenser efficiency, the condensible impurities rob you of evaporator efficiency.  Every system with a purger should also have a means of eliminating condensibles.  If not, only half of the problem is being addressed.

Get more information on our innovative, simple, and inexpensive approach to eliminating these impurities by downloading engineering and applications information on the Phillips Anhydrator from the "Systems and Vessels" page on this site.

Click on the link below for testimonials on the effectiveness of the Phillips Anhydrator.

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