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Pioneers in Ammonia Refrigeration

Since 1928, H. A. Phillips & Co. has designed and manufactured ammonia refrigeration controls for industrial refrigeration applications worldwide. The company was founded by one of the pioneers of the ammonia refrigeration industry, Harry Alexander Phillips. Harry developed numerous patents related to modulating liquid level controls, refrigerant injectors, and automatic systems to protect refrigeration compressors from liquid ammonia slop-over.  We also built our name around gas pressure recirculation - a method of liquid transfer that does not require mechanical pumps. All of these products and systems remain in common use throughout the industrial refrigeration industry.


Large Vessels and Recirculation Packages
H. A. Phillips & Co. has fabricated pressure vessels and recirculation packages for industrial refrigeration since 1975.  Our facility allows us to fabricate vessels up to 144” in diameter and packages weighing up to 25 tons.  We have the expertise to size and design vessels for all types of industrial refrigeration systems. 

Top Quality Welding Processes
H. A. Phillips & Co.’s welding fabrication processes are second to none in industrial refrigeration.  All of our welders are independently ASME certified and come from the highly skilled Chicago labor market.  Several sub-arc welding stations, a welding manipulator and man lift provide increased efficiency in production.  Sub-arc, Flux-core, TIG and MIG processes are used depending on the application.  We are proficient in welding carbon and stainless steel.

Gas Pressure or Mechanical Pump Recirculation Systems
H. A. Phillips & Co. engineers stand ready to assist with the selection of gas pressure or mechanical pump recirculation systems.  Having been a pioneer in gas pressure recirculation, we remain strong proponents for this method due to its energy consumption and maintenance efficiencies.  However, for those who prefer mechanical pump systems, we have the expertise to design and produce skid-mounted vertical or horizontal pump packages to suit your application.

CAD Capability
We utilize the latest modeling technology available through SolidWorks.  Flat 2D drawings are created from 3D models quickly and efficiently.  Drawing submission and approval are transmitted electronically for quick turnaround. 

ASME Certification
Our Quality Management System and all of our welders are certified in accordance with the ASME Code Division VIII, Section 1.  Every welder certification test is evaluated in accordance with Section IX of the ASME Code by an outside authority.  Furthermore, all ASME Code work is inspected by an independent agency prior to receiving the U-stamp of approval.

ISO 9000 Certification
H. A. Phillips & Co. achieved certification to ISO 9001 in 2000.  Adopting the ISO 9000 standard reflects the Company’s commitment to continually improve the quality of our work processes to meet or exceed the expectations of our market.  In 2003, we updated our Quality Management System to the ISO 9000:2000 standard, and in 2016 we upgraded to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

System Design Assistance
Our in-house sales engineers have the knowledge and experience in industrial refrigeration to help you with your product selection.  From sizing valves or a simple vessel to a complete recirculation system, they are eager to assist you.

Valve Trains
H. A. Phillips & Co. can assist you by sub-assembling valve trains to ensure correct and fast installation at the job site.  Our sales engineers are capable of helping select the correct valves for the application.

Custom Coils for Sub-cooling
Our engineers can assist with your sub-cooling requirements.  We can provide customized coils to match the application.

Danfoss Products – Large Stock
H. A. Phillips & Co. is the U.S. distributor for Danfoss industrial refrigeration valves and controls.  We maintain a large inventory of Danfoss products to quickly ship for urgent situations.  Our sales engineers stand ready to help you select the correct products to fit your application.

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